Athens YouthDOCs Festival 2016
Experts & Management Groups Transnational Meeting (M7)
Athens, Greece 8 – 12 /5/2016

organized by: DSEEA-Greece




Sunday 8/5/2016
Arrival, welcome

Monday 9/5/2016
09:00 – 13:30 Athens YouthDOCs Festival 2015 (presentations, students; workshops)
14:00 lunch
18:00-20:00 Management and Experts Group meeting
20:00- … Dinner

Tuesday 10/5/2016
16:00 -19:00 Management and Experts Group meeting
20:00 Dinner

Wednesday 11/5/2016
09:00-12:00 Management and experts Group meeting
13:00 Lunch
14.00 -19.00 Free time
20.00 Dinner

Thursday 12/5/2016


Project Management & Steering: Ms Katerina Alexiadi (DSEEA-Gr)
Media & Drama Experts Group: Mr Menis Theodoridis (KARPOS-Gr) (Media/Video), Ms Maria Leonida (KARPOS-Gr), (Media/Video), Mr Nikos Govas (TENet-Gr) (Drama/Theatre), Ms Christina Zoniou (UoP-Gr) (Drama/Theatre), Ms Nassia Choleva (TENet-Gr) (Drama/Theatre), Ms Esra Acungil (ΙΕΑ–Tr, T.C.M.B. High School) (Drama/Theatre)
Media & Drama assistants allocated at schools: Ms Theodora Malliarou at 3rd Gymnasio Acharnon, Gr, Mr Giorgos Pitsakis at 12th Gymnasio Acharnon, Gr, Mr Alexandros Papachristopoulos at Gymnasio Kerateas, Gr, Mr Nikos Govas at 3rd Gymnasio Geraka, Gr, Ms Nassia Choleva at 5th Gymnasio Acharnon & Lykio Varis, Gr,
Teachers’Group: Ms Maria (Mary) Kaldi (3rd Gymnasio Acharnon Gr), Ms Paraskevi (Vivi) Antonogianni (3rd Gymnasio Acharnon Gr), Ms Ioanna (Zanna) Zerigka (5th Gymnasio Acharnon Gr), Ms Neratzoula (Julia) Efetzi (5th Gymnasio Acharnon Gr), Ms Athina Stakia (12th Gymnasio Acharnon Gr), Ms Maria Vasilopoulou (12th Gymnasio Acharnon Gr), Ms Vasiliki Xydi (12th Gymnasio Acharnon Gr), Ms Eftychia Chroni (12th Gymnasio Acharnon Gr), Ms Anastasia (Tatiana) Rodolfou (3rd Gymnasio Geraka Gr), Ms Maria Patrinelli (3rd Gymnasio Geraka Gr), Ms Eleni Karakosta(3rd Gymnasio Geraka Gr), Mr Vasilios Οglanis (Gymnasio Kerateas Gr), Ms Eleni Tsigginou (Gymnasio Kerateas Gr), Ms Panagiota (Betty) Giannouli (Lykeio Varis Gr), Evangelia Kondaki, (Lykeio Varis Gr)

The Athens Project Management: Katerina Alexiadi