Athens M1 Meeting

28/11-2/12/2014 Athens Transnational Experts & Managment Group Meeting (M1)

In Athens Greece, from 28/11 to 2/12/2014, members of the Experts' Group as well of the Management Group of the YouthDOCs Project met to discuss project's methodology and practical issues.
The Meeting took place in the premises of TENet & NISOS Editions, of Medies/MiO (NGO) and of the 3rd EPAL Athens Vocational School.

Participants included: Ms Katerina Alexiadi (DSEEA-Gr), Mr Serkan Tekgüzel (BiMEM-Tr), Mr Nikos Govas - Drama/Theatre (Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network,TENet-Greece), Ms Athanasia (Nassia) Choleva - Drama/Theatre (Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network,TENet-Greece), Mr Menandros (Menis) Theodoridis - Media/Video (Karpos Centre-Greece), Ms Maria Leonida - Media/Video (Karpos Centre-Greece), Ms Christina Zoniou - Drama/Theatre (University of Peloponnese/Theatre Studies, UoP-Greece), Mr Hürcan Tarhan - Media/Video & Drama (Innovative Educators Association, IEA-Turkey), Ms Esra Acungil Tüysüz - Drama/Theatre (Innovative Educators Association, IEA-Turkey), Mr Sadık Acar - Media/Video (Innovative Educators Association, IEA-Turkey), Mr Osman Tosun - Drama/Theatre (Innovative Educators Association, IEA-Turkey), Mr Seyit Yavuz- Media/Video (TCMB-Turkey), Mr. Mehmet Ragıp Sekmen - Headmaster of T.C.M.B. High School Tr), MsTugba Kayan - Literature & Drama Teacher (T.C.M.B. High School Tr), Ms Theodora Malliarou - Media assistant (Karpos Centre-Greece).
Director of DSEEA-Gr Mr Stefanos Kapellas welcomed the participants.

Short report of the Meeting (M1):
Day 1: The meeting started with members of the Management Group discussing technical and financial issues. The schools, the roles of their teachers and of the experts were clarified.
This meeting was hosted in the premises of

Days 2-3-4
: The meeting continued with the Experts Group. After the getting-to-know-us games, each participant presented his/hers personal expertise and the organisation he/she represents. Then, Mr Serkan Tekgüzel and Ms Katerina Alexiadi introduced the key elements of the Turkish and the Greek educational systems and the way schools operate in each country. Mr Nikos Govas summerised the main concepts of the Project, its methodology and the planned outcomes as they appear in the Project’s Framework. He stressed the significance of the terms “youth culture” “personal stories” and “documentary” and invited participants to comment. Mr Menis Theodoridis and Ms Maria Leonida presented their concept of "video documentary" as it has been developed in the past years locally and internationally through the "videomuseums project". Ms Nassia Choleva presented the "You as I" project stressing its “pupil centred methodology” and its contribution to the new project. Ms Christina Zoniou discussed the concept of “Verbatim Theatre” and the concept of “dramaDocs” as it is meant in this Project. Mr Hürcan Tarhan and Mr Menis Theodoridis presented short school videos from previous projects which helped participants clarify the concept of “personal stories”, “ownership” and “documentary”.
Participants discussed the way these ideas will be applied in the schools in the next two years and agreed that the next transnational meeting must include a teachers’ training workshop. It has been agreed that in the next meeting participants will practically work on
a) “how students collectively decide on a theme that includes elements of their own youth culture,
how this theme is turned into a story and how this story may be shared later either via video or drama to other students to watch and commend”. The element of youths own culture is stressed.
b) “how to use personal stories to help students find common elements of their youth culture and how they may finally choose one story to present”
c) “how the chosen story can be turned into a scenario that can be presented with drama or video”
d) “other possible ways to come to a common story”

Participants were also guided to the historical Athens Centre by Ms Athina Stakia and Ms Alexandra Melista and had the opportunity to visit the 3rd EPAL Athens (Vocational Upper High School) near the “Akademia Platonos” area and discussed with Principal, teachers and students both on issues related to vocational training and the importance of the local history.

Day 5:
The meeting was concluded with a new Management Group discussion on the time schedule of Year 1 of this project

Athens M1 Documents
Documents presented during the Meeting (M1):
Nikos Govas “The YouthDOCs kick off meeting – management and organization issues”
Serkan Tekgüzel, Hürcan Tarhan “The Local Authority of Educational Bayrampasa, Istanbul and the Turkish Educational system outline”
Katerina Alexiadi “The Greek Education system - a short outline”
Nikos Govas “The YouthDOCs aims, methodology, outcomes – new challenges”
Nassia Choleva “The You as I Project and its relevance to YouthDOCs”
Hürcan Tarhan “Photo Voices”
Menis Theodoridis, Maria Leonida “The Videomuseums project and its relevance to YouthDOCs”
Christina Zoniou “Verbatim Theatre and DramaDocs – introduction”