ΙΕΑ (Turkey)

Innovative Educators Association (ΙΕΑ-Tr)
Innovative Educators Association (INNO7) is founded by 8 key experts in education and LLP project management, and has over 50 members. It is located in Istanbul and has close contacts with educational institutions/organizations within the 39 districts of Istanbul and all cities in Turkey. Enabling a great network, owing to its strong relations with universities, international, local and regional authorities of education, industry and VET sector, enterprices, schools of all levels and types. INNO7 enables a platform of research and experimentation at a wide scope of educational field supporting students, trainees, trainers, head teachers and teaching staff. Besides training, aprenticeship programmes, social, cultural and language activities INNO7 is responsible for teacher training, training of trainees and adult education. Due to its substantial intellectual capital, through its members, INNO7 is competent in wide scope of sectoral, managerial, educational issues: training and seminars in languages; project development and management; human resources management; performance management; curriculum development; intercultural education; inclusion; networking; technology in classroom teaching. Its members have project experience within the fields of educational and vocational training at all levels, including drop outs, learning disabilities, inclusive and special education, green energy, innovation, career planning, entrepreneurship, recycling, involving the convicted youth and adults into mainstream of education and society, quality management, strategic planning, human rights. They have technical know-how in disseminating LLP calls and past project experience to shareholders every year, providing its network of partners for partner seekers, and assisting organizations in their dissemination and exploitation activities to wider scope. INNO7 will be involving its shareholders, carrying out processes of research and implementation within designated target group, experimentation and evaluation.

Legal representative/Chairman of the Board: Mr Hürcan Tarhan
Esensehir mah. Kurkculer cad. Safir sok.  11/1  Dudullu – Umraniye, ΤR100 - Ιstanbul 34776

Tel: +905322837532
Contact for this proje
ct: Ms Esra Tüysüz (