TENet-Gr (Greece)

The HELLENIC THEATRE/DRAMA & EDUCATION NETWORK (TENet-Gr) (Greece)is a professional association of teachers, theatre/drama pedagogues, artists and youth facilitators for the promotion of research on and practice of theatre, educational drama and other performing arts within formal and non formal education.
TENet-Gr is registered in Greece as a non-profit organization, is based in Athens and has branches/local offices in several other cities in Greece.
TENet-Gr is ordinary member of IDEA-International Drama/Theatre & Education Association.

It organizes regular seminars and practical training workshops, the tri-annual Athens International Theatre/Drama & Education Conference, the annual Theatre Summer Camp, it trains facilitators, it runs projects in schools and with young groups organizations and develops networks with institutions in Greece and abroad.
It publishes the "Education & Theatre Journal”, books, workshop materials.

TENet-Gr supports and constantly updates its web page, with a plethora of educational material (news bulletin, e-journal, project material, listings of theatre/drama activities, brief descriptions and analyses of theatre plays, e.t.c.).

TENet’s key trainers and youth facilitators are highly skilled practitioners and theoreticians in the areas of drama/theatre in formal and non formal education, in theatre for development and in active citizenship.

Legal representative: Christina Zoniou, President of the Board
Contact: Nikos Govas (, & Nassia Choleva (