3rd Gymnasio Acharnon (Acharnes, Athens, Greece)

3rd Gymnasio Acharnon (Acharnes, Athens, Greece) is a Lower High School in Acharnes Municipality, in Eastern Attica region, Athens, Greece.
It was founded in 1978 and is located in Acharnes, in the area called Lathea. Since 2007 it is directed by Mr. George Koukouvitakis. English, French and German language is taught, and almost all teachers have a high degree in foreign languages. Many teachers have been working in this school for 25-30 years, and have created strong bonds with the young people of this neighbourhood. As you approach the school, you are welcomed by the green garden created by our Environmental Group. Entering the modern building, we find the Lending Library, self-managed by the students, full of hidden treasures, colours and a rich collection of books, games, educational periodicals and a music collection. The school has an indoor gym with sports equipment, which gives students the opportunity to exercise in many sports, especially in high jump. Going on floors, one encounters the colourful classrooms, the Natural Sciences Laboratory, two projection rooms, the Computer Laboratory, the Music room, the Art room and the Technology Laboratory. The yard is spacious with facilities for sports such as basketball, soccer and volleyball.
Our students faithful to a long tradition of extra-curriculum activities such as environmental and cultural programs, health education, dance and theatre/drama-in-education projects, continue their activity after the end of school-hours by joining several Groups, as the Environmental, the Theatre and Film, the Literary, the Cultural group and the Choir, receiving positive reviews, earning awards and distinctions, but above all nurturing the spirit and soul of creativity. The school has participated in European Projects including “The Youth Videomuseums partnership” (Comenius Regio 2010-2012), the “mPPACT-methodology for a pupil and performing arts based teaching” (Comenius 2.1 2006-2009) and in the last year is joining the “Mare Nostrum” Comenius project.
Legal Representative: George Koukouvitakis, Director
Contact Persons: Ms Maria (Mary) Kaldi, Language/Literature teacher: & Ms Paraskevi (Vivi) Antonogianni, Language/Literature teacher:
Students in YouthDOCs Project: 10
Address: Spartis & Mitromara, 13671, Acharnes, Greece
Tel: 00302102461857, 0030210210-2469881 / Fax: 00302102461857
Email: / Website (in greek):

5th Gymnasio Acharnon (Acharnes, Athens, Greece)

5th Gymnasio Acharnon (Acharnes,  Athens, Greece) is a Lower High School in Acharnes Municipality, in Eastern Attica region, Athens, Greece.
It was founded in 1982. It is situated at the town of Acharnes, a north- eastern suburb of Athens with a very important historical and archaeological background. The National Park of Mt Parnitha , located in the vicinity of our school, is well known for its natural beauty. The school has 140 pupils aged between 12 and 15 years old.


The educational staff consists in 18 teachers of various specializations. There is a strong background in extra-curriculum activities, such as environmental projects and health education projects, as well as fine art and theatre/drama projects. We put special emphasis on such activities because we want to make easier and pleasant the learning process and also, make pupils accept each other’s differences, even up discords and build strong relationships between them.
Headmaster: Mr Spyros Karavias
Contact: Ms Zanna Zeriga (French Language teacher), Ms Julia Efetzi (Fine Arts teacher)
Students in YouthDOCs Project: 16
Address: Thessalias & Kratinou, Acharnes 13671, Greece
Tel.: +302102466668
Website (in greek):

12th Gymnasio Acharnon (Acharnes, Athens, Greece)

12th Gymnasio Acharnon (Acharnes,  Athens, Greece) is a Lower High School in Acharnes Municipality, in Eastern Attica region, Athens, Greece.
The 12th Gymnasio Acharnon is the Gymnasium which is situated in the Olympic Village of Athens and has students (boys and girls) between 12-15 years old whose social profile is mainly derived from the middle and lower social classes. It has also a few immigrants and repatriated Greeks who are well integrated into the school system. The students' parents are in the majority unemployed and each family has to sustain 4-5 children. As the majority of the students are inhabitants of the Olympic Village, it is our foremost priority to prohibit the community from being transformed into a ghetto by opening it to the outside stimulations.

Our pupils are eager to participate in extracurricular activities such as theatre, dance, filming, photography, literature and anything that is creative. They are motivated to cooperate with students from other countries with the aim to exchange cultural elements so as to broaden their horizons. We feel that the  experience of European projects could provide our students with additional communication skills and world-knowledge. The school aims at creating and developing a partnership with European Schools via educational procedures that would eventually lead to the production and exchange of audiovisual messages and the creation of a sequel of photos or a small film, all presented in an e-magazine on a common blog. Through this programme we also intend to reduce school dropout.
Head: Mr Anastasios Koubis
Contacts: Ms Athina Stakia Greek Language/Literature  teacher (, Maria Vasilopoulou English Language teacher (,
Vasiliki Xidi Physics teacher (, Eftihia Chroni English Language teacher (
Sudents in the YouthDOCs Project: 35
Address: Patoulidou 2, Olympiako Chorio, Acharnes 13677
Tel: 00302102477250

3rd Gymnasio Geraka (Gerakas, Athens, Greece)

3rd Gymnasio Geraka (Gerakas,  Athens, Greece) is a Lower High School in Pallini-Gerakas Municipality, in Eastern Attica region, Athens, Greece.

The school is situated in Gerakas, a suburb, around 15 Km away from the capital city of Greece, Athens. In 2004 the school first opened its doors for students. It is composed of one main building, with twelve classrooms, library, head masters office, Science Laboratory etc. There are twenty five experienced teachers working in the school. The principal teaches Science and Geography. The total number of the students of our school is now 200, from13- to 15- years old.
Apart from the regular classes, there are also other activities in the school. The school supports several activities and student projects, European and national. Students have visited Italy, France and in 2013 Berlin in Germany. Through these projects students learn teamwork. They come
into contact with other students of the same age.

Many cultural activities conducted in our school, such as the theater-festival, which takes place every year in our school.
The school gives great value not only for academic subjects, but also for every other aspects of school life, that make students creative thinkers.
Head: Mr Pavlos Kosmidis
Contact: Ms Anastasia (Tatiana) Rodolfou, Language/Literature teacher (, Ms Maria Patrinelli Physical Education teacher (, Ms Eleni Karakosta German Language teacher (

Students in YouthDOCs Project: 20
1 Keas & Serifou, 15344 Gerakas, Greece
Telephone +302106047568

Gymnasio Kerateas (Keratea, Athens, Greece)

Gymnasio Kerateas (Keratea,  Athens, Greece) is a Lower High School in Lavreotiki Municipality, in Eastern Attica region, Athens, Greece.
It is the only gymnasium in the area and it has almost 350 students. Keratea is a suburb in the eastern part of Attica, about 40 km from Athens. Gymnasium in the Greek educational system is the school that is attended by students whose age range from 12 to 15 and it is compulsory.
The Headmaster of the school is a Gym teacher Mrs Sofia Paxivani and there also two assistant directors Mrs Depi Orfanidou, a French teacher and Mr Nick Koukouvinis, a Technology teacher.

Gymnasium of Keratea is an active school with lots of environmental and cultural programmes. Teachers and students feel excited every time they take part in such programmes and regard them as a means for development and progress.
There are almost 25 teachers in the school and the above mentioned programmes are optional for both teachers and students and are held after the end of classes, i.e after 2.00 p.m. Since 2013 the school takes part in e-twinning projects too. In fact, 2013 we worked with a school in Ankara. In 2014, as every year, there are a number of projects going on both environmental and cultural. Projects concerning the soil, the maintenance and growth of our school garden, the castles of Greece along with our Drama and Movie club.
In general, there is a strong spirit of cooperation and collaboration among the teaching staff which facilitates the promotion and implementation of projects.
Head: Mrs Sofia Paxivani
Contact: Mrs Georgouli (English teacher), & Mr Vasilios Oglanis, (Maths teacher)
Studenst in the YoithDOCs Project: 14
Address: 2 V. Alexandrou str., Keratea, Greece PO 19100
Phone number:+302299069440

Lykeio Varis (Vari, Athens, Greece)

Lykeio Varis (Vari, Athens, Greece) is an Upper High School in Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni Municipality, in Eastern Attica region, Athens, Greece.
The school is organising cultural projects  for 15 years.The theatre group started workshops and performances at 1999. In addition, other cultural projects are organised every year through which  the  pupils are participating in festivals and networks with other schools. The latest projects that combine theatre with social intervention are : "The project "Communication without violence"", "Cooperation with  the international  Project "INDRA -Reconciliation through the Arts", which includes a Festival every 2 years. (2013  in Northern Ireland with 100 young people from 10 countries and in 2015 will  take part in Plymouth UK),"The Project Peer- Mediation, training through theatre techniques".
Other projects are focusing in Arts such as the approach of El Greco and other Spanish artists, "The Monuments and the museums of the world", "British poets talk
Head: Year 1: Mr Stavros Kailidis, Year 2: Ms. Panagiota (Betty) Giannouli
Address: Moutousi 2, 16672 Vari", Greece
Contact: Ms. Panagiota (Betty) Giannouli -,   Ms Evangelia Kondaki
Students in this project: Year 1: 9
Tel: 210-8973251

T.C.M.B. (Istanbul, Turkey)

T.C.M.B. (Istanbul, Turkey) is a Technical & Vocational Secondary School. 
It is a public-state school which was founded by the biggest Turkish Cement Manufacturers Union (T.Ç.M.B.) and donated to the Ministry of Education in 2009. Located on the Asian side of Istanbul Ümraniye district. Currently with 1,500 students, located in a 22,000 square meters area, with 15,305 square meters closed area. Electrics-electronics, chemical processing , civil engineering and air conditioning systems are main fields. Has a great network including our stakeholders, private sector, industry, NGOs, other schools, vocational training centers, adult education centers, other types of organizations and decision-makers. And has collaborations and cooperations with all including international organizations. Chemical process, electrics and electronics, air conditioning, installation technology, concrete,  and cement  courses are provided. In the "Lifelong Learning "  modular program; yearly near 5000 adults are attending 60 hours certificate programme courses in our institution accreditted by the Turkish Ministry of National Education.  On the other hand  weekly 8 hours of  English course is provided by by our teachers for adults in our institution approved and accredited by Umraniye District Directorate of National Education and the Public Education Center with the course number 302. The School has a unique architecture with 12 administrative rooms; 30 classrooms, 4 IT labs , chemistry and biology laboratories, cement-concrete labs, installation, air conditioning system, electris-electronic labs, workshops and architectural drawing classes, a spacious library, cafeteria and canteen 200-seated official indoor gym and 300-seated conference hall. Our vision is; " in the globalizing world to become an institution of graduating skilled, talented, creative students who will be  successful and highly competitive technical staff in the international area. " Our motto is "Effective School+Effective Teacher = Good Human beings". Our mission is; to grow up citizens who are healthy, capable of communicating, aware of national values and ​​equipped with universal values, self-confident, aware of responsibilities, can share, can use technology, productive, creative, researchers, open to continuous learning and with a vocational sense following today's technology and industry environments, respect the principles of Atatürk and the Turkish Republic, society , humanity and nature. EU relations, international affairs and foreign languages are higly considered in our institution.  Currently  9 permanent foreign language teachers, one French Comenius Assistant and one German Erasmus assistant teach English & German and run club activities. Current statistics show, 1,494 students, 79 permanent teachers, 21 paid teachers, one headmaster, 7 vice principles in four secondary school types ( ATL / AML / TL / EML). Although it is a new institution, has experienced and talented staff. It can provide training and seminars in languages, project development and management, vocational trainings and programmes for adults.   It takes part in all kinds of projects about education and vocational training of all levels considering youth and adults, provides its network of partners for partner seekers, and assisting organizations in their dissemination and exploitation activities to wider scope.

Head: Mr. Mehmet Ragip Sekmen
Address:Site Mah. Finans Cad. No:10 Ümraniye, ΤR100 - Ιstanbul 34776
Contact teachers:Mr Seyit Yavuz (
Students in YouthDOCs projects: 40  (19 students for video & 21 students for Drama)
Teachers in YouthDOCs project:Cemalettin Aydogan vice principal, Hurcan Tarhan - media & drama expert – coordinator, Esra Acungil - drama expert, Osman Tosun - drama expert, Tugba Kayan - drama expert, Hatice Banu Inan - drama teacher, Sadik Acar - media expert, Seyit Yavuz - media expert

Atatürk Ortaokulu (Istanbul, Turkey)

Atatürk Ortaokulu (Istanbul, Turkey) is a public –state secondary school, founded in Bayrampaşa district in İstanbul, in 2002. It is a well known and successful school. Our vision is; “becoming an institution of graduating good and creative students who will be successful and respectful in the society. As the school staff, our mission is to grow up citizens who are successful, capable of communication, aware of national and humankind values, creative, can share, respect the principles of Turkish Republic, society, humanity and nature. We are highly interested and considered in EU Projects. Our current statistics show 920 students, 35 teachers, 1 principle, and 2 vice principles.

Head: Mr Mehmet Okuyucu
Address: Kocatepe Mah. 28. Sok. No: 2 Bayrampaşa, ΤR100 - Ιstanbul 34045
Tel:0090 505 5235111
Contact teachers:Ms Neslihan Tekguzel (, Mr Cemalettin Bayraktaroglu (
Students in YouthDOCs project: 25 students (11 students for video & 14 students for Drama25 students (11 students for video & 14 students for Drama
 Teachers in YouthDOCs project: Cemalettin Bayraktaroğlu - Director  English teacher, Neslihan Tekguzel -Turkish Literature Teacher & Drama Teacher & EU project expert

Mobil İmam Hatip Ortaokulu (Istanbul, Turkey)

Mobil İmam Hatip Ortaokulu (Istanbul, Turkey)
Was donated by Mobile Oil Company in 1990. In 2012 it turned into Vocational Secondary School.There is an ICT class, a science lab. a conference hall , a small mosgue, a teacher's room, a closed gym area.There are 15 classrooms, 2 kindergarten, 3 administrative rooms. Moreover, there are 2 assistants of headmaster, a headmaster, 40 teachers, 6 service personnels and 920 students ( 55 kindergarten students and the others are secondary students). English and Arabic are foreign languages in our school.

Head: Mr Esat Cevahiroglu
Address:Altintepsi Mahallesi Dr. Nesibe Batiyol Sokak No:2 Bayrampaşa, ΤR100 - Ιstanbul 34045
Contact teachers: Ms. Dilek Şenocak (
Students in YouthDOCs project: 22 students (12 students for video & 10 students for Drama)
Teachers in YouthDOCs project: Serkan Arslantaş- Director, ICT teacher- expert, Dilek Şenocak - Teacher / project  expert, Esra Köksal - Turkish Literature Teacher & Drama Teacher

Bayrampaşa Ticaret Meslek Lisesi (Istanbul, Turkey)

Bayrampaşa Saraybosna Professional and Technical Anatolian High School (former: Ticaret Meslek Lisesi) (Istanbul, Turkey) is in İstanbul Bayrampaşa.
It was built in 1977, has 70 teachers and 3000 students. The school has been providing for training Computer Technologies  and Accounting – Financial. 

Head: Ms Huriye Kaya
Address:Murat M. Akpınar C. No120 Bayrampaşa, ΤR100 - Ιstanbul 34045
Contact teachers: Mr Ali Arslantas (
Students in YouthDOCs project:17 students (for video)
Teachers in YouthDOCs project: Ali Arslantaş - Director, English teacher, Nazar Kocatürk -Turkish Literature Teacher & Drama Teacher